1. Visual instruction mostly through the film and the filmstrip projectors, is a regular feature of the School under the guidance of an Audio-visual instructor.
  2. Games and sports are organised and played under the supervision of trained P.T. teachers. Besides the weekly games periods, the following games like Hockey, Football, Throwball, Volley-ball and Cricket are also organised and played on an inter-class, and inter-school basis.
  3. Excursion and Elocutions, School Magazines, Public Speaking, Dramatics, are regular activities. Selected Pupils may join the Science Club, the General Library, or any one of the clubs of the School.
  4. All should take an active interest in the class project and Children’s Hour Programme and in the school Exhibition and Cultural Programmes organised each year.
  5. The School is run on the lines of the Student’s Council and Prefect System. Monitors, Assistant Monitors and the House Captains shall assist the staff of the school in efficient functioning of the school.