Parent Teachers Association

TITLE: This organisation shall be known as the Parents- Teachers’ Association of St. Mary’s High School & Junior College Kalina, and shall be hereinafter referred to as P.T.A

a) To foster close co-operation and understanding between the parents, the teachers and the school authorities.

b) To channelise and harmonise the efforts and energies of the parent in the school in order to achieve the ideal character formation of the students.

c) To create an atmosphere of friendly relationship between the parents and the teacher by providing opportunities for regular contact between them.

d) To assist School in organising Educational Cultural and Social activities. Provided that since the P.T.A. is not intended to be a forum for debate between the Parents and the School Authorities or the Teachers, all matters pertaining to the internal management of the Home and that of the School shall be outside the scope of the P.T.A.

e) To review completion of the syllabus as per plan.

f) To find ways and means of assisting scholastically weak students.

g) To recognise and encourage outstanding students.

h) To take note of all fees, including term fees and other charges.


The P.T.A. shall consists of

(a) The Principal of the School

(b) All the Teaching staff of the School

(c) All parents/guardians of pupils in the school


(i) A membership fee of Rs. 5/- which shall be included in the term fees.

(ii) A membership subscription of Rs. 15/- to be utilised for the purpose of meeting the aims and objects of the PTA as decided and authorised by the Managing Committee from time to time.

(iii) The Principal and Teaching Staff are not required to pay any subscription.

The Managing Committee shall consist of:

(a) Committee members consisting of:

(i) One parent/guardians per division in the school

(ii) One Teacher per class in the school

The term of the Committee shall be one year.