Rules and regulations

St. Mary’s High School is a co-educational English Medium High School conducted by Our Lady of Egypt Parish, Kalina. It is recognised by the Government of Maharashtra and prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination in a ten year’s course. The School is affiliated to the Archdiocesan Board of Education which is registered under the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

  1. On all school days and school functions, the student should wear the school uniform. Boys are required to wear black shoes and navy blue socks, and girls should wear black shoes and navy blue socks. During the rainy season, students may wear black monsoon footwear.
  2. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence FOR MORE THAN 15 DAYS, habitual idleness, disobedience or objectionable moral influence, dishonesty or conduct, injurious to the moral tone of the school within or outside, are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.
  3. Any kind of damage done by pupils to the School equipment, furniture, building etc. will have to be made good by the defaulters. Fines may be imposed with the Principal’s sanction.
  4. Students should be particularly careful not to throw papers, chocolate wrappers, etc. anywhere in the school premises. They should use the baskets and bins especially provided for this purpose.
  5. A student who comes late to the school THRICE in the same month will be asked to bring the parent.
  6. No pupil may leave the school premises during working hours (including the short recess), or go from one building to the other without the written permission/ gatepass of the Principal or written application from the guardians and countersigned by the Principal.
  7. No novel, newspaper, periodicals, video cassettes, tapes, CD’s or cell phones may be brought into the school premises without the Principal’s permission.
  8. Pupils must look after their own things. The school is not responsible for the loss of books, money and other articles.
  9. When moving along the corridors, and also when changing classrooms, pupils must walk silently and in a single unbroken file. The Monitor will lead the file. The Monitor & the Asst. Monitor will be responsible for any disorderliness. The Students should always keep to the left. The Teacher in the class should be the last to leave.
  10. Since the school gives a vacation of three weeks as Diwali holidays and one week for Christmas, no other leave will be granted except in case of illness for which a medical certificate will have to be produced.
  11. Running, Playing or Shouting inside the school building is not allowed.
  12. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all. Shaggy, or unkept hair will not be permitted.
  13. All are expected to speak English in the school.
  14. All are sincerely exhorted to cultivate the habit of praying, every morning on rising, and every night before resting. Catholic students are further exhorted to at least a monthly frequenting of the Sacraments. The practice of frequenting of the Sacraments by Catholic students is highly recommended.
  15. Those students travelling by any contract bus, may do so at their own risk. Please note that the school does not have any contract bus. The school management will not be held responsible incase of accidents or mismanagement.
  16. Each and every student should endeavour to keep up the high tone of the School, by excelling in good manners and deportment. Hence for the smooth running of the school, no student should bring to school any object liable to prove a source of disturbance.

1. No leave of absence is granted except on medical grounds. The

school should be informed at the earliest about the student’s

illness, through medical certificate from a Registered Medical


On return to school,

a) Fit certificate should be submitted to the Principal

b) Covering letter by parent.

c) An entry in the calendar in the “Leave and absence Record”

without which the student will not be allowed entry into the class.

2. The school does not grant permission to students to go on

pilgrimage, feast, weddings etc. on school working days.

Repeated absence renders the students liable for dismissal.

3. All are expected to attend School on the reopening day after

each vacations. Absence for more than two-class days, render

the pupil’s name liable to being struck off the rolls. Similarly, no

one is allowed to leave for vacation earlier than the closing date

without written permission from the Principal.

4. Repeated absence without leave, or unexplained absence for

more than ten consecutive days, renders the student liable to

being struck off the rolls.

5. Students who have been sent away from the School or have

been struck off the rolls are, as a rule, not readmitted. They will

have to pay the entrance fee again.

1. Parents and guardians should enforce regularity and discipline,

in their. children.

2. Instill in your child a love for his/her family, school and country.

3. Always keep a check on your child’s day to day activities.

4. Your friendly approach towards your child will build his/her selfconfidence.

5. Parents should feel free to approach the school Authorities with

prior permission to ascertain the conduct of their child.

6. Parents should take a note that permission for long leave is

given at the Principal’s discretion.

7. Instill in your child the value of punctuality, cleanliness,

neatness, sincerity, obedience, gratitude and simplicity.

8. Do not fail to inspect and sign the remarks and reports regularly.

1. In order to secure all that is best in the education of our children,

the maximum co-operation between Parents/Guardians is

expected to co-operate with the School authorities by enforcing

regularity and discipline, by seeing that they prepare their

lesson daily and by taking an active and helpful interest in the

activities of the School,

2. Parents/Guardians are informed that occasional reports about

conduct and application from the teachers are conveniently sent

through the calendar. We earnestly recommend that parents or

guardians should look into their children’s School calendar

every day and see to it that the lessons and homework assigned

for the next day are done. They should also keep an eye on the

Leave and Absence Record.

3. Parents are particularly expected to sign Messages, Periodicals

Reports, Weekly Reports, or any other similar documents when

so requested. Failure to do this may put their children to great

inconvenience and render them liable to being sent home.

Repeated late coming, on forgetting to bring books, may be

punished in the same way.


4. If a pupil is likely to be absent due to illness for more than a week,

the Principal must be informed at once.

5. Private tuitions are strongly discouraged. Private tutors may be

engaged except after consulting the Principal and with his

consent. No tuition may be taken from the teacher who teaches

the pupil’s own class. All tuitions shall end one month before the

Final Examinations.

6. Parents, guardians or other persons are NOT allowed to see the

students or interview their teachers during School hours without

the permission of the Principal. As the staff should be seen

preferably in the “off” period, an appointment with the members

concerned should be arranged before hand. Permission should

be obtained from the Principal.

7. There will be “Open House” following the unit test and terminal

examination, where Parents, Guardians are free to meet the

class teacher, and subject teachers concerning the

performance of their child. Criticism of your children’s teachers

or School in their presence should be studiously avoided,

because it causes them to loose respect for their teachers with a

consequent failure to learn from the teacher. Should you have a

legitimate complaint, please see the Principal as early as


8. As your child advances in age, guide them to become

resourceful and useful members of both home and country.

Encourage self help in work and study. They should be taught to

keep the house tidy, polish their own shoes etc. The formation of

such habits early in life – inculcates in them the idea of the dignity

of work, a fundamental personal virtue for a successful career in


9. Withdrawal of your children from class for mere social functions

is not recommended, because it retards their progress in School

and minimizes their respect for regular hard work, with

consequent failure to progress in studies.

10. As the medium of instruction is English, children should be

helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by getting

them to speak in English with their classmates and companions

and at home.


11. Parents/Guardians should kindly furnish their Specimen

signatures in the space provided at the top of the Absence

Record. When writing to the school authorities about your child,

always quote the full name and the Standard and Division of the


12. It is very much appreciated when parents respond readily to the

invitations sent to attend the Parent – Teacher Meetings and

other school events. It is only with the co- operation of the

parents that the school can promote the all round development

of students.

13. No child, suffering from an infectious or contagious disease

should be sent to school.

  1. There will be Unit Class Tests, Tests and two Semester Examinations in a year, as prescribed by the Education Department.
  2. Absence from any Unit Test or Examination will ordinarily be allowed only on medical grounds and that should be substantiated by a medical certificate immediately.
  3. The decision of the Principal with regards to promotion in the Final Examination will be final and will not ordinarily be altered.
  4. Answer booklets of the Final Examination will not be shown to the parent or the pupil.
  5. Rules of promotion from one class to another are those prescribed or permitted by the Department of Education.
  6. Willful breach of any of the regulations for the conduct of the examination is punished with expulsion from the examination room or, if discovered subsequently canceling of the paper and even rustication.
  1. Good Conduct, Application and Regular Attendance and indispensable conditions for obtaining merit cards, prizes and scholarships. The pupils must also continue his/her studies in the School.
  2. At least 35 percent of the maximum marks assigned to every Subject, including Religion and Moral Science on the average of the Two Tests and Semester Examination, are to be obtained.
  3. To obtain a subject prize, a pupil must secure the highest marks in that subject, however no prize in that subject will be awarded if atleast 75 percent is not secured by any pupil.
  4. A prize in General Proficiency will be awarded to a pupil standing first in rank and securing 75 percent on the Grand Total.
  5. In case of a pupil securing the highest marks is not eligible for the same, the subject of General Proficiency is not to be awarded at all.

Note: For the purpose of the card and prizes. Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry will be called Mathematics with one prize only, Social Studies will include History, Geography, Civics and Economics in the Secondary Section